Obvious things that are not so obvious

Becoming Overhuman

There are some things that are obvious, that should be obvious, but people just ignore them or find clever rationalizations for why they’re not obvious. As years go by, I see more and more of these things. For me, the scary thing is how non-obvious they seemed a couple of years ago, because it reminds me that there could still be hundreds of such things around me right now and I don’t see them as obvious. These can be “cached patterns” of thought, logical fallacies, or lazy thinking. Maybe there are some complex problems that are not really obvious to a more trained eye: if you think I have made a mistake, present an argument for why that is so, I’ll be happy to change my mind. But, lacking that, here are 3 of some pretty obvious things that are not obvious:

  1. Death is not good. This is obvious for managing…

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Chapter 7 – The Silent One

Forgotten Conqueror


As expected, the true motives hidden behind the excuse of an audience came into full view. It was unprecedented for the King to personally invite the champion for an audience, and upon seeing Lord Ravon, he had suspected something was up.

Kaidus lowered his head and bowed. “Forgive me your majesty, but I must–”

“Kaidus.” Lord Ravon interrupted him. “What are you doing son? Becoming a part of the nobility means you can live anywhere within the inner wards. Not only that, you will be given territory outside of Ferrent from his Majesty’s own land to call yours. It is not every day that his majesty awards such honors.”

“I understand my lord, but even so I must graciously refuse.” Not lifting his head, Kaidus declined without hesitation.

“Won’t you take a moment to think about it? Wouldn’t your parents want this for you?” Lord Ravon reasoned.

“It is not…

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B2 Chapter 6 – The 13th Ward

A really amazing piece of literature

Forgotten Conqueror

Curious eyes fell upon him as he followed a man through the palace. Unlike the fine garments worn by the Lords and Ladies of the royal court, he was wearing unfashionable commoner clothing.
A long gray tunic that went down to his knees with an open front, fastened down the middle with strings. The opening exposed a plain black shirt underneath along with dull brown pants, and on his feet were leather walking shoes. The clothes had been purchased for this very occasion, but it was still quite far from the standards of the aristocracy.

Leading him was an older man wearing a black robe that covered his whole body. The only other color that was on the robe were two blue lines that looked to be patterns, flowing from the front of the robe over the shoulder to the back. Although already graying, the older man held his head…

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Xian Ni Chapter 126 – A Foreign Country

Void Translations

ObligatoryTLNote: Just so that you guys don’t  get confused, the title isn’t related to “Foreign Battlefields” in anyway whatsoever. Think of the foreign battlefields as neutral fighting grounds. While the title refers to a country that is different from your home country presumably of Wang Lin.

At the moment that the transfer array opened, the big hand due to the Ji realm Divine consciousness, hesitated slightly, and Wang Lin’s body, disappeared into the transfer array.

The black hand turned back into countless black silk threads, lingering around the transfer array for a while, before dissipating.

Because of the existence of the Ji realm, Wang Lin became the first soul devourer to go from dead space to living space, even though his soul had become quite condensed, but it retained the character of soul devourer.

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